Tokyo Bust Express Review: Having Firm Breasts Again After Weight Loss

Tighten Flappy Skin
For the past two weeks, we’ve shared the experience of two beautiful blogger gals who patronise Tokyo Bust Express. So the question really is: Is it possible to get those firm breasts again after weight loss? You are not alone in your trouble with saggy breasts after substantial weight loss.

As you are losing weight, especially fat, the appearance of the breasts may start looking deflated. As you are toning up other areas of the body, it can become very frustrating when your breasts still appear droopy.

The good news is that your breasts are still there, they are just buried in all that excess skin to really appreciate them.

Why are they sagging? Why liddat?

There are three different types of tissues that make up the breasts. 1) mammary glands, 2) connective tissue, and 3) fat. Fat deposits are stored in the body as your weight increases. When you lose weight, the opposite occurs. The fat in your stomach, buttocks, and breasts, are all reduced as your weight drops. The end result, your breasts shrink in size and the surrounding skin is now has nothing to hold, therefore sag.

5 Tips to Tighten Flappy Skin

First and foremost, acknowledge what you have achieved and stop stressing. There are several ways you can firm up your breasts so they match the rest of your new body.

1. Time & Tighten
Immediately after you lose a significant amount of weight, the skin is not yet accustomed to the shape of your body quite yet. That smaller frame means the skin must slowly become firmer, improving the appearance of your breasts. It does take a significant amount of time, so you need some patience.

2. More Water = Plumper Skin

Remember the HPB advice to drink at least 8 glasses of water? Listen to them! Drinking the recommended amount of water each day will do amazing things for your body. If you are not drinking enough water, the body is going to starve and desperately sap other parts of your body. The skin is usually the first to get drained of any excess water. Obviously, with little moisture, the skin starts to sag and forms deep wrinkles.

3. Moisturise x 100

Moisturising your breasts in the morning and after your shower at night can do wonders for the appearance of your breasts. Consider natural breast enhancement massage which can help to tighten the skin and give you those supple and firm breasts you once had. Check that the product used is safe for the skin, and it is all natural so there are minimal side effects. As the skin on the breasts begins to tighten and pull up, your shape is once again transformed. Now your breasts will better match the rest of your well-toned body.

4. New You, New Bra

As you take care of your breasts and anxiously await them returning to their former firmer selves, consider investing a few dollars in a really good supportive bra. The bra should fit your new body perfectly if you want to see results. Too many women are walking around with the wrong size bra or none at all. Basically helping gravity get a head start. Experiment with the different types of bras that are available. Consider a padded bra because it not only gives you that lift that you need, it also provides you with the volume.

Never allow your breasts to simply hang freely for extended periods of time, especially when you are working out in the comfort of your home. The sports bra is the perfect piece of apparel for preventing your breasts from bouncing around excessively during your vigorous workout routines.

While that loose and sagging skin might be uncomfortable for you to look at today, just know that your skin in time is going to heal. Focus on maintaining that healthier body and try to just be a patient.

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