Tokyo Bust Express Review: Patronising Tokyo Bust Express After Weight loss

Yina feeling a whole lot more confident in clothes thanks to Tokyo Bust Express

We got to know Yina as the owner of her own online boutique, The Velvet Dolls. She’s passionate about food, travel, music and like every girl next door, really into beauty and fashion.

Yina had undergone substantial weight loss from a few years ago and felt that her bust was not as full as it used to be. And her measurements were not lying either. She had gone from a full 36C to slightly smaller than a B cup.
For the twenty something, the biggest concern wasn’t that she had lost volume in her bust but that they were actually sagging more than average. And was also pretty bothered by sagging skin under her arms. It is hard for her to wear clothes and she had to skip on wearing strapless dresses because she was conscious of how her bust line appears.

Saggy bust after weight loss
Just like Yina, many girls come to us with similar concerns even though they are generally thrilled with their new physique. Yo-yo dieting is actually the main culprit. This kind of diet actually aggravates the natural sag that occurs from gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding and adolescent growth. But if you adopt a sensible weight loss plan such as a moderate calorie deficit, you will be able to minimise breast sag.

Her Experience

The procedures we recommended were a scrub to eliminate dead skin cell around bust and improves absorption of our products, a collagen treatment that aids to tone and lift; for the shaping of breast, a lymphatic drainage massage that detoxifies, as well as to stimulate mammary glands that firm up the breast and lastly a electrotherapy that reduces fat underneath the arm and helps to shape the breast into a full and rounder figure by stimulating mammary glands.

Some of the therapies did cause Yina to feel sore especially when we are working on her lymphatic nodes but she was pleased when we showed her to a mirror. She was able to see the improvement fullness in her breasts again.

Yina’s account is one of the few must-read experience that our customers share with us. Here are several recent ones too:

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