Patronising Tokyo Bust Express for Healthy Bust Line: Review

Jessica @ Toyko Bust Express

Jessica is a baker who creates, styles & customises delicious desserts for special events at her very own dessert café called Shiberty at Owen Road. She is a really tall girl but she had a little trouble maintaining a healthy bust line even at 24.
Being naturally tall, she had a rather big build with a relatively flat chest all through puberty and struggled to grow beyond an A cup. Slowly in her late teens, she started growing into a satisfactory size, proportionate to her overall build. But a little weight gain led to her growing breasts that were a robust C cup that was excessively heavy and bothered her in her daily activities. She came to us with a slight concern that she might go through the yo-yo of a changing bust line.

Jessica came to us with the right concern, because breasts change before your eyes all the time. Puberty, mensuration, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and as you age, gravity, causes breasts to sag down to the knees. Many changes are due to fluctuating hormone levels. Even with weight gain, there are some effects on your hormones that cause your breasts to change in size.

What caused Jessica’s uneven bust line?
1.       Puberty
At puberty, girls experience a surge of estrogen. Breast growth is seen as one of the first indicators of this change. At first, a breast bud—a small raised bump under the nipple and then they darken in colour and grow larger over time. The problem is that the breasts don’t grow at the same pace. How sian, right? Cos one might just grow larger first, followed by the next. It usually takes several years for the breasts to reach their full size. That was the case for Jessica’s growing from A cup to B cup.
2.       Mensuration
With puberty comes mensuration and even in this phase, you might notice your breast differing in size. Your mensural cycle is divided in two halves: Follicular phase (first part when your period is day one) and Luteal phase (after ovulation). During the first phase, especially between 5 and 7 days after your period, estrogen and progesterone levels plunge to a low and a breast size is at its minimum volume. Take note, this is your actual bust size. During the second phase, the hormone levels begin to rise following ovulation. This is when you start feeling an increase in blood flow to your breasts. They start to increase in fullness, nodularity and tenderness.
3.       Weight Gain
Breasts are made of breast tissue and fat tissue. Therefore, when you gain weight, your breasts naturally increase in size. When you lose it, you will notice they shrink. The amount a girl will gain or lose in her breasts depends on what makes up the breast, which isn’t the same for everyone. In Jessica’s case, she had a greater proportion of fat tissue, which is why her bust line grew significantly larger than proportion.
Jessica’s account is not a first for us. Many women like Jessica come to us with wanting to maintain a healthy bust line. 

Here are two other women with a similar experiences as Jessica:
· about her emotional roller coaster ride surrounding her bust size)

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