Don’t Patronize: Tokyo Bust Express Reviews Saggy Breasts

Don't Patronize Saggy Breasts, Young Ladies..It can soon happen to you! 


Overuse of a Bra
A common impression among young ladies is that wearing a bra night and day will help keep the breasts in place. On the contrary, an excess of external support causes the pectoral muscles to weaken and actually speed up the drooping process. Research reveals that wearing a bra encourages sagging by weakening the breast’s supporting tissue. The women that are going braless are having higher lift, nipples in lifted position in a relation to shoulders, than the women that are wearing bras. The research has proven that wearing bra prevents certain muscles from growing when holding the breasts up and contribute to accelerated breast sagging.

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Another common factor that leads to saggy breasts is the habit of yo-yo dieting. It is common for women in their 20s to turn to dieting in order to lose weight. And if the weight loss is occurring too fast or multiple times, a reduction in cup size is inevitable, more specifically the firmness of the breast itself. When your body changes rapidly in a short period of time, you will be subjecting the skin to a lot of stretching and shrinking. The skin does not have enough time to repair itself therefore, sagging is accelerated. Also, since the breasts are composed mainly of fat, sudden weight loss can reduce the amount of tissue and cause skin that was normally lifted to suddenly droop due to lack of content.

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Wrong Choice of Bra for Exercise
The #fitspo craze among young girls is on the rise. Who doesn’t want to post a photo of them sweating beautifully on Instagram?  But many make the mistake of not wearing a good sport bra when heading to the gym. High-impact sports like HIIT and cardiovascular exercise such as running and aerobics can contribute to a loss of elasticity. The breasts are supported by ligaments, and the stress the tissue undergoes during vigorous exertion can cause decrease in resilience. Hence, they give way to gravity. A good sports bra can support movement of the breasts during strenuous activity if it firmly straps the boobs. So as not to stretch more than an inch from the skin when pulled.

Skipping Sunscreen
In line with the #fitspo image, exposing your body to UV rays for a golden tan, without a protective coating of sunscreen can lead to premature wrinkles. It has the same effect on breast sag by stretching out collagen and damaging the skin that hold your breasts.

Lack of Exercise
Being the opposite of #fitspo is also a leading cause of sagging breasts. Lack of exercise makes the breast to sag faster among young ladies. Exercises such as plank or push-ups help strengthen the muscles and increase support, and using weight machines in a gym that target the chest will build up the pectoral muscles build support to hold up the breasts in place.

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