Review: Patronising Tokyo Bust Express for Saggy Breasts

For many, full breasts symbolise beauty and enhance a woman’s femininity. 

Large, round and firm breasts are what many women desire to have. While some women are naturally blessed with perky breasts, there are many who are extremely conscious about the sagging of their breasts.

Why not just get a boob job?
If you are like actress Silver Ang, you may be apprehensive about considering the knife. Common concerns are: how they might feel, how they might appear unnatural, and if it will interfere with breastfeeding in the future. They are all legitimate concerns because, despite the advancement of modern science, they come with complications that affect individuals differently. That is a risk that you have to contend with before deciding on a boob job.

Don’t you want them to grow naturally?
Unfortunately, for most of us, the Puberty advantage has passed. But before you book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, you should know that there are equally effective ways to boost your cup size, sans the knife.
Cheer up ladies, here’s some information about the treatment we offer to increase breast size naturally and give the lift your breasts need.

Bust Lifting Treatment: What to Expect
The massage helps activate the glands under your breast tissues. This way, the receptors in breast tissue will respond better to absorbing nutrients that are in the gel we apply in the treatment.  The massage will continue until the gel is fully absorbed by skin covering the breasts. We only use gentle circular strokes and avoid severe massage because severe massage can further loose the breast tissues and make them more sagging.

Next, we strap on a pair of circular pads over your boobs and then send micro electric currents connected to the circular pads. You don’t have to worry about being electrocuted as the machines we use are tested for safety.
Massage draws blood to the surface of the skin, and increased blood flow stimulates muscle growth and repair cells. Having your breasts massaged with our Bust Lifting treatment at least twice per week will help add firmness to the skin as well as improve the skin tone and texture. It will also help to increase the elasticity of the skin.

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