Ladies, we are not Barbie dolls!

Let’s face it, we cannot have pert chests like plastic dolls forever. Breast sagging is natural for ageing, changing bodies. The composition of breasts (fat, glands, milk ducts and connective tissues) contain no muscles to hold them up in place. As you grow older, the connective tissues get stretched and lose their elasticity.  In most cases, this natural deterioration of breasts can be reduced by wearing properly-fitted, supportive bras especially when we are the active sort. Don’t patronize yourself for sagging breasts because there is an option to get them pert again without surgery: massage.

Does Bust Enhancement Massage really help in making breasts sag less?
Breasts mainly made up of fatty tissues and adipose fats are very responsive to stimulation from massage. By pressing against them, you are also triggering the supporting tissues and lymph circulation to respond. By way of touch, you can induce the hormone oestrogen to flow through your blood stream and reach the breast receptors. The increased circulation also carries more oxygen and nutrients to the breast cells to help with growth. The result is firmness and better shape to your breasts.

Try It Yourself  
Feel the effects of massaging your breasts with the following tips:-

Dos of Self-Massage
- Start with a circular motion, going clockwise, then counter clock wise, and one breast at a time.
- Start with five minutes of massage. Five minutes means you need to do about 300 rotations per breast.
- The best results are reached if you massage your breasts for more than 10 minutes. Less time will not have any effect.
- This self-massage technique must be done at least two times a day for best results
- Use cream or oil to do the massage; otherwise, it might make your breast feel sore and the skin inflamed.
- Use the palms, not the fingertips. Larger surfaces do a better job.

Don’ts of Self-Massage
- Don’t apply too much pressure on your breasts. If the massage hurts, you are not doing it right so stop right away to prevent further hurt to your breasts.
- Don’t forget the area underneath your breasts and under your arms. Massaging these places will promote better blood circulation.
- Avoid touching your nipples while doing the massage.
- Use different massage techniques throughout the day.

To Complement Self-Massage
1. Improve Your Posture: Work on your posture by standing up with your back straight, chest out and proud.
2. Do Push-ups: Push-ups work on your pectoral muscles to build and tighten muscles underneath your breasts. Working on them builds better support from your chest frame.

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