Are padded bra different from push-up bras?

What is a padded bra?
A bra with thinly padded and moulded cup that lift your breast tissues to give the appearance of a rounder and fuller shape. Push-up bras come in different forms: angled cups (often with an underwire), demi cups and/or different varieties of padding including graduated padding, which is thicker at the base of the cups and tapered towards the top of the cups. Many women use padded bras to compensate for uneven or disproportional breasts. However, there are also many misconceptions about push-up bras.

Let Tokyo Bust Express blog review a couple of these myths because EVERY woman who owns a push-up bra might not know these.

Myth #1: Push-up bras are designed ultimately for women with a smaller cup size
Incorrect. Believe it or not, it could work with anyone, regardless of your size. Keep in mind that a push-up bra actually works better if your breast is composed of more tissues that it can push together to create a cleavage. This is because a push-up bra centres your breasts, regardless if you have small or big breasts.

Tip for smaller cup size: Make sure the push-up bra is scooping your boobs into place on top of the padding. If your breast is sitting on top of the bra like a pillow, it’s wrong for you. To create a nice and central cleavage on a push-up, scoop your breasts in towards the centre of your chest and sit them in place. This will make use of the padding at the side to create a nice central cleavage. Some bras have the boost at the bottom, so you will need to lift your breasts up and lay them on top of the pad. This is common in balconette style padded bras, which create a cleavage with a 'shelf effect' where your boobs are pushed upwards.

Myth #2: Push-up bras all make you have very defined cleavage
Incorrect. The bottom line here is that not all push-up bras are designed to give you cleavage, but you can certainly pick one that does. Lots of balcony bras will give you great lift without cleavage.

Few basic rules:
1. Get fitted to make sure you are wearing the right size. Go to a proper bra store and ask for a fitting.
2. Make sure you have at least 3 everyday bras that you rotate daily.
3. Your bras should be comfortable, and make you feel good about yourself.
4. If there are gaps, try a different bra.

Myth #3: Push-up bras are the same and create an unnatural effect
Incorrect. No two push-up bras are created equal. The way they are shaped, crafted and cut are very different from each other. The degrees of padding, fabric, filling material and degree of the padding, and more, differ from one padded bra to the next. The way your bra sits on your body also differs. It’s unfair to generalise padded bras and assume that they look unnatural.

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